"Our overall revenue jumped to almost $20 Million per year after years of stagnating close to half that amount."

Louisiana Eye & Laser Center

14 Locations in LA

What they had to say...

Justin Sullivan, the CEO of Louisiana Eye and Laser Center for the past two years.  When Justin arrived, we were having great difficulty in our billing department from collections to day-to-day accounting.  He immediately oversaw the complete rebuilding of the division.  The company moved to a call center model which greatly improved our ability to see a higher volume of patients.  Company overall revenue jumped to almost 20 million per year after years of stagnating close to half that amount.  Recruiting aided this advancement bringing in both several Optometrists and Physician’s Assistants.  We are still in the process of recruiting a Retina Specialist.  The overhead was reduced during this time by a significant amount.  We added new locations across the rest of the State.  I think his leadership skills would be beneficial to any organization.

- Chad Norton, M.D.

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