Jimmy Price

Jimmy Price is an independent healthcare credentialing consultant who assists healthcare professionals with the tedious process of credentialing and provider enrollment. His mission is to generate more revenue through a speedier more efficient process of enrollment while allowing his clients to focus on their patients.

Before starting his independent credentialing service, Jimmy spent over 15 years assisting several of the largest and most reputable practices in the Houston area. UT Physicians, Mann Eye Institute and US Physical Therapy are just a few that have contributed to the huge success that Jimmy has had over the years. With this wide net of experience Jimmy has been able to successfully assist hundreds of providers over numerous specialties in as many as 20 different states.

Jimmy’s hobbies are watching anything sports related to The University of Texas. He also enjoys coaching basketball, softball, baseball, and track.

Jimmy Price is available to discuss any of your provider credentialing needs any day of the week. Get in touch with us today to set up a consultation.

Areas of expertise include:

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