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Our focus is on ROI, getting you the right new patients, and improving your patient experience every step of the way.

Customized Strategies that Work

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From Strategic Planning and Research to Methodical Implementation, SMCG has the expertise to position your business for success

Solving Real Problems

Tested Marketing Solutions

Marketing Strategy

Efficiently put in place the who, what, when, where, and how for your marketing efforts.

Brand Strategy

Is your brand identity unique and recognizable, giving you a competitive edge?

Web Design​

More than just pages on a website, how are users guided to conversion?


Positioning your website to the right user at the right time.

Social Media​​

From communication strategy to selecting the ideal person to run your program, SMCG can help.

Pay Per Click

Geographically target your ideal customers and get ahead of your competition.

Positioning for Long Term Success

Three Reasons To Choose SMCG

Most of our clients need a solution that is custom to their practice needs, so feel free to reach out to discuss how SMCG might be best able to help you.


Focus On Results

We treat your marketing spend as if it was our own dollars and budget, with a laser-like focus on using data and analytics to drive results.


Strategic Implementation

There should be a strategic reason for any and all marketing activities, from PPC spend to local sponsorships and event presence. The “Why” will always be clear with SMCG.


Best Practices & Standards

We use national benchmarks for your specialty and target market to determine how to get the best bang for the buck.
Marketing your practice should never be throwing dollars around to see what sticks. SMCG can help you put a marketing program in place that focuses on the business results your practice needs to be successful.
There is no one solution that works for every practice. Our strategies are customized to your business needs and goals.
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