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Keeping the revenue cycle running properly

SMCG can help your practice identify missing/lost revenue, maximize collections, and put best practices in place to keep the revenue cycle running properly.

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SMCG aids practices in recovering millions in receivables spanning coast to coast. From billing assessments to full RCM services, we drive profitable growth.

Maximizing Your Revenue

RCM & Billing Solutions

Billing Assessments

Resolve billing inefficiencies with SMCG's comprehensive assessments, pinpointing areas for revenue optimization and workflow enhancement.

RCM Services

Maximize revenue potential with SMCG's holistic Revenue Cycle Management solutions, tailored to optimize collections and ensure sustainable practice growth.

Billing And Coding

Minimize insurance claims denials with SMCG's expertise in Billing and Coding Best Practices, offering tailored solutions to streamline processes and reduce preventable rejections.

SMCG facilitates practice growth by incorporating efficient and innovative strategies.

Tailored Solutions

Revenue Optimization

SMCG has successfully assisted numerous practices across the United States in recovering millions of dollars in outstanding receivables, showcasing our expertise and effectiveness in revenue recovery initiatives.
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Streamlined Workflow

Billing Assessments

Tired of leaving money on the table with charge-offs, denied claims, and incorrect coding, but not sure how to solve that problem?

SMCG comprehensive billing assessments are designed to identify where money is being left on the table for practices of all sizes. We analyze over 20 areas of focus to provide your practice with findings, as well as recommendations for streamlining workflow, as well as increasing revenue and patient satisfaction.

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Operations & Leadership Services from SMCG

Modernized Strategies

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Simply put, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) in healthcare is the business process that enables practices to generate revenue for providing services. RCM encompasses everything from scheduling a patient for a clinical encounter to receiving the final payment for healthcare services rendered.

Think beyond the old, “billing and coding” mindset, and recognize Revenue Cycle Management as all administrative and clinical functions that contribute to the capture, management, and collection of patient service revenue.

Utilizing revenue cycle best practices ensures that you are reimbursed for services at their total value. SMCG utilizes a combination of national benchmarks combined with our expertise at driving the revenue cycle to ensure your practice is poised to collect what’s due and grow in a sustainable way.

Pricing is based on a percentage of collections or hourly rates (determined by state/local regulations of your practice location). Let SMCG become an extension of your billing team or run the entire RCM program to benefit your practice.

Driving Profitable Growth

Billing And Coding

Let’s face it, insurance claims denials are all too familiar in our line work. Studies show that the vast majority of rejections are preventable.

SMCG is well versed on Billing and Coding Best Practices and can help educate your team on streamlining the billing process, ensuring appropriate coding and modifiers are used to help reduce the chances of preventable rejections.

We can also create a denials appeal process that fits your practice’s needs or provide stopgap help on billing and coding while you are trying to fill a position or build a team.

SMCG Billing Assessments can identify a lot of the issues and our RCM Services can drive profitable growth, but not every practice needs help at that level.

SMCG is a partner you can trust on your billing issues, large and small, and we look forward to connecting to see how we can help.

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