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Operations And Leadership

Setting the Foundations for Patient Care and Growth

For any healthcare practice to effectively nurture patients and expand, a significant commitment is required, with leadership establishing the tone.

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We initiate strategic implementation of a foundational methodology, fostering practice growth through our distinct approach to Operational and Leadership challenges.

Operations & Leadership

Strategic Capabilities

Practice Assessments

SMCG Practice Assessments offer holistic evaluations to uncover opportunities in familiar and unexpected areas. Quick turnarounds or deep dives available. Schedule yours now.

Practice Management

SMCG offers full service options that including flexible support, from rapid change management to ongoing operational assistance. Our team ensures effective solutions anytime, anywhere.

Acquisition & Integration

Practice acquisitions and mergers offer growth opportunities. SMCG provides expert guidance from valuation to integration, reducing stress and ensuring success.

Operational Enhancements

Enhancements like hardware upgrades, staff training, and streamlined procedures make a big impact. SMCG crafts strategic solutions based on data and expertise.

SMCG facilitates practice growth by incorporating efficient and innovative strategies.

Strategic Alignment

Acquisition & Integration

Growth plans come in many shapes and sizes, but one tried and true technique that is effective in healthcare has been practice acquisitions and mergers. Circumstances can lead some practices to become available when you least expect it.
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Identify and Diagnose

Practice Assessments

A holistic approach to doing things better always begins with an assessment of where things stand. SMCG Practice Assessments are designed to help you find opportunities in places you know to look and other places you’d never expect.

We have done quick turn around assessments to help practices accelerate their turnaround strategy as well as longer term deep dives that include data, interviews, observations, competitive analyses and more.

If you haven’t had an assessment in the past couple of years, it may be time to get one done.

Transitional Support

Practice Management

Sometimes our assessments lead to a lot of changes in a short amount of time. Other times we engage with practices that need additional help to operate effectively.

Whether to bridge the gap between partial and full staff, to supplement your operations team, to act as a department while you transition outsourced activities in-house, or to help accelerate the pace of your practice turnaround, SMCG’s full service practice management service can put a team together that gets the job done.

Through the combination of an onsite presence, paired with our experts located across the country that can connect remotely, we are ready to assist when you need us.

Solutions that make sense

Operational Enhancements

While practice assessments can often uncover big issues that require big interventions, sometimes there are “quick fixes” that can be implemented.

Operational enhancements that make a huge impact can be as simple as upgrading or replacing outdated hardware or equipment. It could be training staff or putting policies and procedures in place to reduce errors, improving interdepartmental communication, or finding the right IT provider or real estate help. These are just a few of the solutions we’ve helped implement.

At SMCG, we use a focus what we see in front of us and in the data, combined with what we know works best to create strategically designed solutions.

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