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A Comprehensive Solution for an in-depth billing analysis


Billing Asessment For Your Practice

Tired of leaving money on the table with charge-offs, denied claims, and incorrect coding?

SMCG comprehensive billing assessments are designed to identify where money is being left on the table for practices of all sizes.  

Once the assessment is complete, SMCG will provide your practice with a written report detailing our findings, as well as recommendations for streamlining workflow, increasing revenue and patient satisfaction.

Let us help your business by identifying the opportunities available to your practice. For example, We discovered $350,000 in unfiled charges for telehealth for a 12-physician specialty group. We recouped $500,000 for an Ophthalmology group that was filing I-Stents incorrectly. We uncovered $1,000,000 in Medicare payments for a practice and trained staff to help maximize productivity and increase revenue. We’ve even helped practices streamline their payment postings by helping them get enrolled with numerous payors to accept EFT’s & ERA’s. 

SMCG wants to help you maximize revenue, so we are offering the following to get you started: 

• 1-3 doctors, Billing Assessments start at $2,500. 

• 4-6 doctors, Billing Assessments start at $3,500. 

• Multi-doc, multi-location Billing Assessments start at $4,500. 

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